Changing Our Communities

Turnkey Supply Chain Services

EnMass Energy maintains close ties with major academic, development, and government institutions. Our work is the basis for a significant amount of academic research, and our cutting edge approach has revolutionized how people think about implementing biomass power projects.

Connections with Stakeholders and Suppliers

EnMass Energy has built a wide network of partners and clients. Organizations that work with us gain a significant amount of global exposure, and are frequently discussed on the community level. We take pride in our work, and we make sure our partners commitments are represented as well.

EnMass Energy is happy to provide outreach services through our network on behalf of clients or farm input suppliers.

Collection and Field Optimization

If you’re considering a biomass energy system, you need the best possible information about the fuel supply. Knowing the types and quantities of biomass fuel available in your region is essential.

How much waste is available? Where is it? How much will it cost? And, how will increased demand for these resources impact your ability to reliably receive biomass fuel in the future?

EnMass Energy can optimize your planned or existing biomass collection operations.

Digital Supply Support

Big data is at the core of what we do and how we implement our projects. We are constantly developing and expanding our quantitative tools for analyzing how our projects (and their supporting infrastructures) work, and measuring the impacts they have. Any organization that works with EnMass Energy can access any data necessary to qualify the impact of their involvement.

EnMass Energy offers potential clients an out-of-the-box digital overlay for their existing procurement or supply network.

Processing and Storage Solutions

EnMass Energy has longstanding relationships with biomass vendors and EPC providers. We can pre-qualifying vendors; develop bid documents and manage fuel supply; and develop, negotiate, and support the securing of fuel supply contracts.

We can also recommend strategies to develop fuel procurement guidelines for processing and storage operations that address organizational goals for risk mitigation and sustainability.

About Our Firm

About Our Firm

EnMass Energy has resources and experience that allow us to work a number of different ways with new and existing clients. If you feel like you are a fit for EnMass Energy services, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.